Welcome to Shree Bhavnagar Nagar Mitra Mandal, Mumbai

Mr. Pranav Desai

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce our Shree Bhavnagar Nagar Mitra Mandal , Mumbai ( BNMM ) website , which I consider as 'Nagar -Setu' for all Nagars staying in India as well as globally !!!!

Focus Activity :

BNMM being a charitable organization, it's main objective is to assist members for medical aid and financial assistance to all the needy persons and specifically for Nagar community and also educational scholarship and financial assistance to needy and meritorious students. We shall also encourage and conduct activities to nurture the talent of members and people at large in various sports, cultural and soft skill activities.

BNMM always ensure to encourage youth and women in all our activities to ensure that this organisation continue to carry out their noble cause activities for next generations. We shall also involve youth and women in the decision making body to ensure that their interest and enthusiasm is well protected.

We are fortunate this website is conceived and develop by our own Nagar youth who are an experience professionals came together to give a product which has many avenues for connecting our Nagar Families in particular and overall community in general . As a President , I am honoured to give a Website which has many unique USP which will cater to all age criteria.

Unique USP ( Advantages ) :

  • Easy Member Registration.
  • Wider and Better Communication.
  • Regular updates on Activities.
  • Common important details i.e Link to Railway Booking ; Bus / Taxi operators in select cities of Gujarat State and more which generally every members may be using on day to day basis .
  • Achievement of fellow members.
  • Posting on website by members their Suggestion / Criticism for further improvement.

Appeal :

I take this opportunities thru website for making general Appeal to all Nagar for coming forward and donate to Mandalas general donation Or specific programmes donation. This humanitarian approach to BNMM by members will be highlighted on Website so that more members will be encouraged to come forward and support BNMM.

I am sure this initiative of my Managing Committee Team members will be appreciated and request all members to be active and log in to website much consistently and make much stronger BNMM !!!!

Pranav Desai